Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ran out of oil

Well the RD seized last week. I ran it out of oil in the auto lube and didn't hear it. I didn't drop the bike when the rear wheel locked up and after it had cooled down I managed to get it the last couple of klicks home. I ripped the head of with Mick and the right barrel was scored, when he ripped the left off the top ring was missing and seems to have been for a while, that explains why it always felt gutless.

I sold the RD to Mick as is and brought a Yamaha XJ650 an 81 SECA model not the Maxim. It needs a few things for RWC and a lot of TLC. I have managed to track an XJ900 down for parts. The XJ900 runs okay but is missing 2nd gear.

Things I know I need to swap of the 900 (if any good) or replace to get a RWC

Indicator lens
Front Brake System
Rear Shoes or swap XJ900 disc rear end on to it
Electronic Flasher Can
Tail light globe
Tacho light