Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Swag and Hootchie Shelter

Jo-anne bought me for my Christmas present a New Oz Trail Swag the other day for when I go camping. I wanted to add to my gear and was lucky today. I was at the op shop earlier and got three hootchies (Real army ones not copies) and two aluminium snow skiing poles that i cut the handles off and used as really light weight tent poles. The two auscam hootchies are used for the tent the drab green is the floor, canvas swag with oz trail sleeping bag rated to -5 degrees C a wool blanket, pillow, mattress, nylon mattress cover. I had to buy some pegs and I already had 25m of paracord.

The reason for the extra tent coverage over the swag and extra blankets is I go camping in the Alpine High Country, -2c in November up there

I have also got some other gear for camping as listed below.

So price breakdown is as follows...

Oz Trail Wentworth Swag $100 off bought for $149 (NEW)
Oz Trail -5 degree Jumbo Sleeping Bag 50% off $59 (NEW)
3 Genuine Army Hootchies and small ground sheet $10 (OP Shop)
2 Ski Poles(Tent Poles) $6 (OP Shop)
2 x 2m Ocky Straps $5 (NEW)
10 Meters Para-cord $12.50 (NEW)
Heavy Duty Tent Pegs x 10 $7 (NEW)
Doona Cover to cover mattress $5 (OP Shop)
Wool Blanket $5 (OP Shop)
Pillow (FREE) Already Had
Sleeping Bag Liner $2 (OP Shop)
Genuine Trangia Hiking Spirit Stove Set $2.50 (OP Shop) Retails at $125
Camel back Olive Green Hydration Pack $4 (OP Shop)
Extra Mattress for swag (FREE) Already Had
1 liter Aluminium Bottle for Metho for Stove (FREE) from free box at op shop
Camp Cookware $1 (OP Shop)
1 Army issue Angle Torch (Free) from friend
4 Ever Ready Electric Glow Sticks $8 on special at supermarket
Collapsing Table Lightweight $20 (NEW)
Folding Stool $5 (OP Shop)
Cooking Utensils including 100+ year old carbon steel carving knives

I have a friend building a trailer to go behind my motorbike to carry my camping gear so am well on the way to being mobile and the bike can go most places a 4x4 can go so I will be camping off the beaten track

I also need to get a small (12 inch) chainsaw for firewood collection and a few other bits of kit