Friday, December 9, 2011

E.D.C. Every Day Carry

Continuing on with my tool theme I thought I would post my list of Every Day Carry items.... Most of the time I carry the following on my person..
Click for a larger image

In the shoulder bag I carry the following..

  • Agfa Waterproof Camera 12MP (waterproof to 3mt for 30 minutes)
  • Yaesu Dual-band Ham Radio with wide-band receiver and Belt clip with Nagoya Antenna Waterproof to 1mt for 30 Minutes
  • Headphones noise cancelling
  • Niteize S-Biner for keys Mini LED torch and memory stick
  • USB SD card reader with micro SD adapter to download camera photos (Not Shown)
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Two Notebooks one for permanent notes and one to tear out pages
  • Fisher Space-pen (Black Bullet) with Black ink Medium point
  • Gel pen Blue Fine Point
  • 4 colour click pen
  • Hand Speaker Mic for radio

On my belt I carry the following

  • Led Lenser Police Focus torch 115 lumens
  • Leatherman Wave with blade removed (Due to Laws on carrying blades in Victoria)
  • Screwdriver Bits for leathermen
  • Handmade Leather wallet on chain (I ride a motorbike and don't want to lose my wallet)

And I wear a a fishing vest as my motorcycle vest, that's how I got my nick in real life of pockets, it has 14 pockets including one on the back that can hold my net-book, here is what I carry in the vest pockets

  • Sunglasses with safety lens' (for my bike I don't want a stone in the eyes) yellow mirror tint
  • Green Maglite Solitaire torch (Not shown)
  • Green Aluminium Signal whistle (Not shown)
  • Tobacco and Black Zippo lighter with spare flints
  • Sometimes an MSI Wind Net-book
  • in Ear air tube headset for Yaesu radio (not shown) for use on the motorbike

Finally I also wear the following items

  • Huawei Ideos Mobile phone on lanyard around my neck (Android) I am a Google addict :)
  • Orient Automatic self winding analog watch set to UTC (haven't had to wind it in 4 years)

Maglite Purchase

Well I am at it again... I have a thing for torches, well not just torches but tools in general and I see torches as a tool. I have a Led Lenser Police Tech Focus with 115 lumens of light output. This is one of my main torches and I carry it with me most places I go.

Led Lenser Police Tech Focus

Green Maglite solitaire
 I also have a Black 3D Cell Maglite in the car for breakdown use as well as a Maglite solitaire attached to my motorcycle vest.
3D Cell Maglite

I have just got a 6D cell Maglite in red which is the largest maglite they make. It weighs 3.1 kilos and is 48cm long. A formidable torch.
 I have also bought the following accessories for the red maglite. The first is a tail cap with glass breaking tip for breaking automotive glass. Second is a crenelated  strike bezel, I have also got a terralux 700 lumen Cree LED module and a belt loop.

Glass Breaking End Cap

Crenelated Strike Bezel
Terralux Module
Belt loop