Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OSHW 780x Powersupply

Here is a little 780x based power supply circuit. It is released as open hardware, the zip file contains BOM, Overlay and Trace file as well as a diy file for use with DIYLC which you can find here http://code.google.com/p/diy-layout-creator/

The trace file in the archive has already been flipped over for laser toner transfer method of PCB manufacture. Have fun and remember this can handle a MAX of 1amp only if you have a heat sink on the regulator.

Here is the link to the files http://rapidshare.com/files/459232217/780xPS.zip

Friday, April 15, 2011


Some new pics of the shed

Infra-red Microscopy

I have been playing with my microscope. It is a stereo scope so I decided to see if I could hook up a webcam to it. I know you can buy webcam microscopes but I didnt want to spend any money if I could help it.

I had a web cam with no optics and the infra-red filter ripped out that I had hooked up to a zoom lens, I decided that as I could already see in the visible spectrum I wouldn't put the IR filter back in making it more sensitive to the IR from the incandescent lights in the microscope.

With a bit of mucking around I got the focal lengths for both the visible light side and the IR side set the same, this allows me to use one side of the scope as a wide view area (9.5mm) to centre the location to view in the IR field of view on the other eyepiece. The field of view for the IR is 1mm at 640*480 pixels

Here is the scope.

Field of view on IR. Black lines are mm scale on a micrometer.

Surface Mount LED showing junction.

Crystal on haceduino code AG.
I call this one the gold bar.

Mesh grid in a vacuum tube.

PCB trace lit from top.

PCB trace lit from below, good for finding cracks.