Saturday, August 21, 2010

My New Desk

I got a New Desk....

Purchased this on ebay in the last week, a large desk for the shed, I hope the measurments are right, it was advertised as being 2.1m by 2.1m and the shed is 2.2m by 2.2m so it should just fit in fingers crossed.

The plan for the shed is to make it less workshop more home office with an electronics workbench, I am also going to go from having desk around three sides and only a small corridor down the middle, to having just this desk, to make up for the reduced desk area I will be putting shelving up along the back of the desk all the way to the roof.

I am going to empty the shed, put down plastic forklift pallets with 7mm ply on top, I am going to have to pull a wall out of the shed and build the desk in place then put the wall back in as I wont be able to turn it to get it in to place.

Here is a photo, thanks to Dan who sold me the desk as this is his pic