Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twistedshck reno

Well I am finally finished setting up the shack, I Have an 8 x 8 foot shed (2.4 x 2.4 mt) that I is my hacking space. It had been set up on unpainted or treated pallets made from pine as the floor about four years ago, needless to say they had started tp rot. In my defense I had just bought the shed and didn't have anymore money left at the time for a decent floor.

So zipping along four years I had funds and the weather was clearing up her in "Sunny" Victoria Australia... Time to work on the shed again. I had organised some plastic heavy duty pallets from a friend that had been used to move lead acid batteries so are up to the job of supporting the weight of my tool boxes. A couple of sheets of 9mm 5 ply on top and the floor was sorted.

Now for storage and work space, I go on to eBay and by chance found a desk that was 2.1 x 2.1 mt in an L shape, perfect size with a couple of inches to spare, so I placed a bid on it and in turn won it :)   so I had a desk with an inch thick top so it wouldn't bow with some weight on it for the shed I was wrapped.

So with everything I needed I started cleaning out the shed to get it ready for the transformation this took me 3 weeks of sorting and culling (between the shed and small backyard I took 3 6x4 foot trailer loads of rubbish to the dump.

I gathered a few friends and my sons to help me on the day, we started about 10 am and just picked the empty shed up of its floor in one piece and moved it out from the old site. The by 1130 we had the old floor ripped up and had the site leveled with the new floor being laid by midday and then we put the shed back on the new floor and had it finished by 2pm.

A bit of mucking around to get the desk into the shed (had thought about pulling out a wall) and it was all finshed but for moving all my electronics and tools etc back in which I had done by 10pm that night.

It has taken me a few weeks of shuffling things around but am pretty happy with it now.

Anyway here are some pic's of it..

 Right side of the twisted shed
with some charts on motorcycle
systems and functions

 I have a few toolboxes in total if you
include the filing cabinet I use 
for my power tools I have six of them
check out the shed spec's below for details
of what is hiding in all the toolboxe and
other hiding spots around the shed

 Laptop with second monitor on top of
the toolbox, I display my multimeter on
here as well as images from my microscope

Clock in the background made from an old
fan and an old school clock. In the front is 
the pulse jet that Mick and I built..

 Microscope with camera adaptor
and laptop Dell D600 running Debian

 My old valve shortwave receiver, the empty area
here is going to be for a 19 inch rack I am
building for my rack mount equipment, the valve
radio is there to size up the space for the rack

The "stack" ofelectronics including 2
oscilliscopes a SW reciever and Digital TV
An indian motorcycle, Tux, death
and a dragon slayer sit atop.

The bottom of the stack with power supply
13.8v, mixing desk and darkroom light

Shed Specs
  • 6 toolboxes containg over 1500 tools including tools I have made
  • 2 Oscilliscopes 1 Dual trace
  • Digital TV
  • Floor Space arranged for sleeping area (When I am in the dog house)
  • Air matteress and sleeping bag
  • Portable Gas stove for making coffee :)
  • 2 Stratos Racing seats for chairs, one on castors with swivel base
  • Durst B/W Enlarger and darkroom equipment
  • Canon FTb 35mm SLR
  • Bench Drill Press (outside under tarp on top of filing cabinet with power tools)
  • Asst power tools (My most used is my Dremel Multipro and dremel multi stand)
  • 350voltDC / 6voltDC valve  ( vacuam tube) project power supply
  • Microscope
  • 100's of Assorted components for electornics from valves/tubes to arduinos
  • Ollivetti lettera 32 type writer
  • 48 volt Weller soldering iron
  • 2 digital one HT analog multimeters
  • Lubrication free 2.4hp compressor (no oil when dusting electronics)