Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sam's Schematic Collection

Various Schematics and Diagrams

I stumbled across this site today that has all sorts of circuits to make, so if you are in to electronics check it out

Monday, September 24, 2007

On the road

Well after a bit of mucking around getting statuary declaration filled in as I didn't have a receipt
I managed to get the RD registered today.

I was a bit worried they might send me to get an engineers certificate as due to the age of the bike it didn't have a compliance plate, and it hadn't been registered since 1979 so was not in vicroads system.

The girl at Warragul was looking for the vin number and couldn't find it on the system so she asked if I had evidence of previous registration, when I pulled out the old 1979 sticker she said "Well that explains it its from the days of Noah thats why I cant find it"

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stock Photos

Here is a great site that lists heaps of stock photo sites, free and cheap ones. Stock photos are able to be used in your websites and flyer's etc legally so if you need a photo check out


Monday, September 17, 2007

Nearly there with the RD

Well the end is in sight now, I am waiting on some foot peg rubbers to come tomorrow and that should be it. I got a permit for a week today so I took it for a short test ride and it all seems to do what it is meant to. i am going to take it for a ride tomorrow out to Tyabb to make sure no parts fall off :)

It is booked in at the bike shop in Warragul on Wednesday for the Roadworthy and then i will book it in for the registration inspection. Oh and the brakes are great for a drum setup.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Spewing Dragon

I ran in to a bit of a problem, when I took the bike for its first quick run I had oil spewing out of the dragons exhausts, I actually drained out nearly 500ml from the mufflers. It took me a bit of thinking bt I narroed it down to the auto lube pump having corrosion on the cable, so a quick spray of mechanic man in a can (aka WD40) and everything was flowing freely except the oil, this was now limted and didnt flow freely out the exhaust...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Air Wasp

The Bush Pig gets a Makeover!

It goes from this;

To this;

in one afternoon/evening!

And this is how it was done!

First the bit of mild steel exhaust pipe, injector-cap/shroud and threaded studs went,

and then I flared one end of a piece of
stainless 1,1/4" tube 17,3/4" long,

then the Gas Injector gets the treatment,

and welded to the combustion chamber with
the tapered shroud added at this time as well!

All that's left to do is fabricate a large washer and weld it between the injector casing and the front of the tapered shroud, and then,........................Fire It Up!

And fire it up I did,
seems I am very good at designing Ram-Jets,
shame, I'm setting out to design a Pulse-Jet!

The combustion seems to be happening in the beginning of the exhaust pipe not in the combustion chamber!

Mark and I branestormed about it last nite and came up with 3 possibilities;

1, the c/chmbr is too short,

(we'll fix that by cutting the c/chmbr behind the spark-plug and adding more length to it!)

2, the air intake is too small,

( the fix here is a little out there cos I didn't want to pull the injector assy apart, [I welded it too well!!] so we'll drill down thru the shroud and c/chmbr at the front, to let in more air!, and seal the shroud temporarily with aluminium tape in case we need to adjust the airflow!)

3 the Shroud is too short.

(easy, I'll get another 2 1/2" to 3" reducer and weld it to the original)(this will also act as a concentrator for the thrust created at this point!)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Air Wasp

Earth shattering News dept.

I am now the proud Owner/Builder of a working Pulse Jet!

The Bush Pig was a bit of a Dud,
(Mark reckons it's a win coz we got it to run, I say it's a dud coz it wouldn't sustain it self without the start air!)

But it was a learning experience nonetheless.

The trick is to make a Pulse Jet not a Ramjet!

Anyway, I was a bit bummed so, I went online and found a plan, (of an actual working one, [I checked on Utube first!]) of a Chinese Acoustic Folded Wave Engine!

I had to change it slightly, for ease of construction.
( you know me, I had to give it the Mick twist!)
If you look closely at the plan vs, Me you'll see my combustion chamber is stepped and the plan calls for a proper concentric cone, as I said earlier it was an ease of construction thing!

I did find out however. that the most important thing is, the centre line of the inlet tube must be aimed at the seam between the domed front and the c/chamber at the bottom!
(don't ask!, suffice to say it put me back a day on the build!)

I must say starting one of these Bastards is actually not quite rocket science but, it seemed like it, till you work out the art to it!

But the upshot is,

It runs!

Most Importantly,

By itself

Warning! Wear hearing protection!

Wow the noise Indescribable!!!!!!
No matter how hard you poke your fingers into your ears, it's still uncomfortable!
( the noise that is)
(pushing in your fingers too hard is no picnic either!)

And I wasn't prepared for this, the Vibration!
It's incredible, you can actually feel it in the ground coming up through your Feet!

We did take a Video but it has to be edited, so you'll have to wait for my next post!

The pix will be better tomorrow (it'll be daylight!)
I have a full tank of L.P.G. and I intend to use it!

That's all for this post,
see Y'all soon,
cheers, Mick. ;-))