Sunday, January 28, 2007

Frankensony HTPC

I am in the very early stages of developing a Home Theater PC. I am using a Sony DVP-S715 DVD (see review here) player as the basis for the case and hope to be able to use the genuine remote. I am thinking of the following bits and pieces.
  • mythTV
  • Use the original sony remote for the S715 player
  • Small Form Factor Motherboard (VIA Eden ?)
  • 512mb RAM
  • 80 gig HDD for DVR (temp storage only)
  • 2 gig Compact Flash RAM for OS
  • 802.11g Wifi (most of the music/video content is on server)
  • S VHS out
  • Composite Video out
  • All original buttons will work, some obscure DVD related ones will be reassigned.
  • Where the display was I will make a flip down panel with card reader and USB
  • MAME using Play station controllers for interface with USB adapters.
  • Laptop Dual layer DVD burner
  • 12 volt so it can be used in the car
Well thats about it for now, I dont have any money to do anything else for a while so it will gather dust for now....

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