Saturday, March 17, 2007

Theres fire in the dragon

I finally got my head around timing a stroke (The RD250 is 2mm BTDC) and then charged the battery, I didn't have fuel lines hooked up so I pulled the air cleaner out and gave it a squirt of 20-1 2 stroke mix straight in to the air box, I used the 20-1 ratio as I wanted to make sure that those bearings got a good drink of oil after 30 years.

The first kick wielded nothing, however on the second kick she fired and ran for about 5 seconds, I was wrapped that I got it to fire..

I mucked around a bit and Mick and I sorted out the fuel lines and got some fuel in to the tank, but the left carby wouldn't take fuel so after dinner I pulled out the carby and dropped off the float bowl with Mick, It was FULL of OIL.....

Hmm maybe somewhere along the track someone hooked up the oil line for the auto lube to the carby, I guess I will never know, I will soak the carby in fuel for a day or two to clear the oil out of the galleries then see what happens...

Here's a pic of the offending carby, found the pic over at

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