Monday, October 8, 2007


Well it didn't take too long (about a month) too get myself shut down!

I had been running it for about 1/2 an hour, shut it down 4 a couple of minuites then fired it back up again for about 20 mins, then Mark comes bolting thru my backyard drawing his thumb across his throat and gesticulating wildly, taking the hint I shut it down.
Mark, seemingly still very exited, finaly blurts out, "Theres a Copper about to kick in your front door!"

So I waltz thru the lounge, unlock the front door to find a very Pissed Off Copper standing there going, sort of going purple, to cut a long story short, after he vents his slpeen at me he asks,
what the hell was that?

It's still red hot so I can't pick it up to show him, I'm there hopping from foot to foot, (knowing the bong and mix is out on display in the lounge!)
So I reluctantly show him thru (trying to keep me between him and the bong )
and after I explained it to him, he was quite inpressed
( "sorry Mate but I deem that thing too loud for suburbia!")
I then asked if it would be banned in a rural setting and he said "not that I know of!" so I guess I have to get freindly with a local farmer, (I'm putting it in a r/c model boat! so I needs a farm with a dam!)
My parting coment to the Copper was "they put me on a Pension so I gotta do somthing to keep my Brane active!" and buggar me dead HE agreed with me and wished me well!
Said he was sorry but, "it's too loud Mate!" and left with a smile on his face!!!!

Well I'll be fucked, I'm pretty sure he saw the bong but, I didn't freak out so He didn't!

Something new happens every day the trick is you gotta be there to observe it!
Cheers all, Mick. ;-))

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