Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well I am the proud owner of my first micro controller, I received my Haceduino an Arduino clone based on the ATmega328 from Hace electronics and it is really top notch.

It arrived via registered Australia Post which was included free with the ebay item. Here is some pictures of it all packed up, two envelopes anti static foam and an anti static bag all went in to protecting the item.

When I got itI had some problems loading sketches, a quick call to Adrian from HACE got me on track that it was a Linux problem, he asked if the LED on pin 13 was flashing and it was, this was the sketch he had preloaded during the testing of each unit. I tried the IDE on a win machine and it worked fime, I am going to have to play and see about getting the IDE working on my linux development machine.

The product build is excellent and is far above the quality you would expect to find from boards being sourced from china, the attention to detail is great. Adrian even took great pride in telling me that the white ink for the screen printing mask was specially sourced and shipped to the factory for the job as the local ink was inferior and bleed making it impossible to actually read the mask.

It is this attention to detail that has made me a repeat customer and I am eagerly awaiting future products to expand my collection.

Search for haceduino you wont be disappointed :) thanks again to Adrian and Edmund for a great product, I am looking forward to buying a few Nanos after christmas


  1. Did you get it to work under Linux?

  2. Can you tell me how you contacted Adrian as I have burned out a part on my haceduino nano and I can not seem to find out what I need to replace it.