Friday, December 9, 2011

Maglite Purchase

Well I am at it again... I have a thing for torches, well not just torches but tools in general and I see torches as a tool. I have a Led Lenser Police Tech Focus with 115 lumens of light output. This is one of my main torches and I carry it with me most places I go.

Led Lenser Police Tech Focus

Green Maglite solitaire
 I also have a Black 3D Cell Maglite in the car for breakdown use as well as a Maglite solitaire attached to my motorcycle vest.
3D Cell Maglite

I have just got a 6D cell Maglite in red which is the largest maglite they make. It weighs 3.1 kilos and is 48cm long. A formidable torch.
 I have also bought the following accessories for the red maglite. The first is a tail cap with glass breaking tip for breaking automotive glass. Second is a crenelated  strike bezel, I have also got a terralux 700 lumen Cree LED module and a belt loop.

Glass Breaking End Cap

Crenelated Strike Bezel
Terralux Module
Belt loop

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