Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It may seem a little quite on the front at the moment but in reality it is the sound of the dust settling on the mind of senility. What we have been doing is having a visit from sprocket2cog from over at sprocket2cog.twistedsouls.com (ed. my brother) and have been throwing ideas around and then waiting to see what we get....

In amongst a few black eyes and broken bones (you really must be careful throwing ideas around) we came up with a few new ideas and a few new tangents, so BASIC is back :) and 8bit isn't a 4 letter word.. no really it isn't it is alphanumeric so 3 letters one number.

While I was at tyabblemons I asked the right question at the right time and inherited an RD250 Yamaha road bike circa 1974 I will get some pics up soon..

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