Friday, September 14, 2007

Air Wasp

The Bush Pig gets a Makeover!

It goes from this;

To this;

in one afternoon/evening!

And this is how it was done!

First the bit of mild steel exhaust pipe, injector-cap/shroud and threaded studs went,

and then I flared one end of a piece of
stainless 1,1/4" tube 17,3/4" long,

then the Gas Injector gets the treatment,

and welded to the combustion chamber with
the tapered shroud added at this time as well!

All that's left to do is fabricate a large washer and weld it between the injector casing and the front of the tapered shroud, and then,........................Fire It Up!

And fire it up I did,
seems I am very good at designing Ram-Jets,
shame, I'm setting out to design a Pulse-Jet!

The combustion seems to be happening in the beginning of the exhaust pipe not in the combustion chamber!

Mark and I branestormed about it last nite and came up with 3 possibilities;

1, the c/chmbr is too short,

(we'll fix that by cutting the c/chmbr behind the spark-plug and adding more length to it!)

2, the air intake is too small,

( the fix here is a little out there cos I didn't want to pull the injector assy apart, [I welded it too well!!] so we'll drill down thru the shroud and c/chmbr at the front, to let in more air!, and seal the shroud temporarily with aluminium tape in case we need to adjust the airflow!)

3 the Shroud is too short.

(easy, I'll get another 2 1/2" to 3" reducer and weld it to the original)(this will also act as a concentrator for the thrust created at this point!)

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