Friday, August 22, 2008

Mick's Tesla Coil Endevours!

Hi all again,
Firstly the video didn't load in my last post, I dunno why but I'll get Mark to look into it when he is feeling better. (he has a dose of the flu!).

Right said Fred lets go!

I got an idea to use a relay as a spark gap from a site on You tube,

after watching this vid I freeze framed it to reverse engineer it!
It turned out to comprise only 3 major parts, 4 if you include the battery!

A Relay (configured to be a buzzer),

a capacitor (to Tank the primary),

a battery

and of course a Tesla Coil!

I hooked it up to a Mini Twin Tesla Coil that I was intending to make a solid state driver for!

It's a little pearler
and it worked 1st go too!

I imagine I could get more power out of it if I wound my own buzzer with an adjustable gap!
I did play around with the spring tension in the relay and got some overall improvement!

I got the idea for the twin coil setup from this site!

I seem to be quite lucky when I'm winding coils,
I used a 1" form and wound an arbitary 4" tall pair of Secondaries!
(using the Hair fine wire I got from the printer relay!)
The Primaries were an arbitary job too @ 4.8 turns each!
Oh and the "tank Cap" is 220 pF @ 1kV

well thats another post all done and dusted,

"If you always do what you did,
You'll always get what you got!"

Cheers again,

Mick. ;-))

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