Monday, August 20, 2007

Lots of news on the RD

I haven't posted for a while and have been doing bits and pieces to the RD. Most of the stuff has been the fiddly things I didn't want to do, but the things I had to do to pass the Roadworthy certificate test.

Replace handlebars I used cut down AG bike bars they suit my more erect (read stuffed back) riding posture, it also has an instrument cluster protection bar that will make a great mount for the digital camera when I go on rides.

Sticky throttle- rubbed down the handlebars as they had some old paint on them that was causing problems, and take the burr of the end from the shortening I had done. Lubed up all the cables with WD40 and now I have a throttle that makes a decided thud as the slides in the carby close, nice and quick.

Replace clutch lever as the old one had been broken in the crash

Replace clutch cable as the old one is stretched

I had the back wheel straightened and a new tube fitted, tire is in RWC

Welded up the headlight shell then rewired the bike in to the back of the shell, up to this point I had just been working out the wiring and had it hooked up temporarily.

I had to rewire most of the cables running to the headlight shell as they had been ripped out during the crash. This was the first hurdle to get it running as we had no ignition as the wires had been ripped out so no spark, we ended up hot wiring the bike to start with.

Fitted the two remaining indicators to the front and am looking around for some chrome indicators, round ones that will suit the bike, this way I have pairs front to rear.

Stripped out the axles and brake pivot points (drum brakes front and rear) and lubricated, the brakes actually release now when you let them go and the wheels turn with a light push instead of busting a spleen trying to push it around with dry axles and brakes locked on.

Had the seat re trimmed in black vinyl with high frequency welded seams, it looks almost factory.

Swapped some rectangular mirrors I had been given by Mick for a pair of round ones that suited the bike better.

Replaced the fuel lines.

Cleaned some over spray off the tank, i used WD40 again, stripped the over spray off but didn't damage the original paint.

Replaced the plugs.

Replaced battery, this was a no brainer a 30 year old battery left unmaintained, I knew this would need replacing and had one on order before I picked up the bike.

Removed muffler baffle tubes to clean them but they look like they were replaced yesterday.

There was a light on the instruments that came on with the brake lights, I disconnected it as I didn't want it flashing on and off in winding roads at night especially as it was RED what the hell was that designer thinking, red is bad and how is putting the brakes on bad...

Brought an old style helmet on eBay and got some riding goggles with 3 different colour lenses as well.

Well that is about it for the list of things that have kept me busy, with no undercover area to work in I just work in among the rain and at this stage am looking good to have it on the road for Christmas. Then it is time to start getting her ready to take from Melbourne to Perth Australia one of the longest runs in the world, coast to coast it is about 3600 km's or about 2240 miles.

This is my first long distance trip so any suggestions from readers is most welcome, just leave it in comments. I plan to do about 500km a day or 5 hours riding but that is just a plan, when I get the time I will put the list of items I am taking with me.

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