Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Air Wasp

Well shit a brick!

It works!!!!!

I hooked up the Flasher Can to an Ignition Coil (out of the magneto off a old Briggs and Strugglin I had lying around!) and wired it to my Power Supply, and what do you know, a nice steady click,click,click, just like when you flick on your Indicator on you Car!

It throws a fair spark (a little on the orangey side) but certainly good enough to light an L.P.G. flame!

The poor quality of the spark is (I suspect) probably due to either;

no capacitor on the relay in the Flasher Can or,

that it is totally the Wrong coil or,

a combination of both!

I'll rectify that by getting a proper G.T. 40 R Coil (they actually run on 8 Volts and only require 12 Volts when starting) .

The upshot is I may be able to run it off a 9 volt battery to keep it all compact!

(it draws a fair bit of current cos the relay spends most of the time in the normally closed position i.e. dead short! So if it runs on a 9 volt battery it's already current limited!)

And of course, put a capacitor across the relay points in the Flasher Can!

Well that's it!

First update complete.


*End Communique*

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